Dumpster diving : clean, safe and economic.

Veggie couscous salad

Dumpster diving is super in right now because it has been demystify. A couple of years ago, anyone who saw someone dive into a garbage automatically assumed that it was an homeless person looking for a few pieces of food. I started doing dumpster diving one year ago after some of my friends found crazy amounts of fresh food totally untouched in the groceries’ stores garbages.

How to properly do dumpster diving!

  • Facebook groups: There is actually a lot of facebook groups dedicated to dumpster diving in a bunch of cities. There is one in mine and people who works in the groceries stores write on these groups when they just threw food in the garbage and what they threw. That way people who are interested can go right away and get the food.
  • Plastic frenzy: A lot of the food that is thrown away is actually totally covered by plastic and/or a box. You already know how companies wrap their products with many layers of plastic. So, it’s absolutely clean and hygienic to pick it up and cook it yourself.
  • Manage the expiration date: A lot of the apprehension behind dumpster diving is the following question: If the grocerie store thinks this product is no longer good for the customers why could I still eat it? Well, for many reasons. First, because these companies have very high standards of quality to respect, but it doesn’t mean that the food is dangerous to consume. Normally, you can still eat the product 3 days after the expiration date. Of course, I wouldn’t eat meat from a dumpster or a product that looks funny or smells weird. Use your judgment.
  • Choose the time you go to the groceries stores: Because it’s still not orthodox to go through the dumpsters you should choose your timing carefully. I personnally prefer to go after the closing time. But, if I receive a message on a facebook group I go right away since the food will be fresher and you are sure that you don’t have to search through the entire garbage, it will be just at the top.

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Cutting on your food’s expenses


There are many things we are buying and consuming that we don’t actually need. I remember buying a 40$ bracelet that broke the third time I wore it and even if it didn’t break it was too big for my wrist anyway. What a waste of money! Back then I was living at my parents’ house so I didn’t really care about my excessive spending.

Now, I am on my own and I have to follow a strict budget to get by. So, I need to be much more disciplined. I learned to cut some unnecessary expenses and I changed some of my habits that were too pricey.

Consequently, I share with you my tricks and ideas if you want to do the same and end up with more money at the end of the month!

This article is about cutting on your food’s expenses because it is possible to do so without starving yourself.

  • No more «every morning» coffee/tea: A lot of people love to start their day by going to Starbucks or McDonald’s to get their hot beverage. It’s a strong habit that costs you about 2.50$ every day, wich would be 12.50$ a week and 50$ monthly. What I do is pretty easy and a lot of people have already understood. Buy yourself a reusable mug (10$) and make your own coffee at home. If you are cheap like me you can buy instant coffee for 4.99$ on sale and you are good for a month!
    Money saved: 45$
  • Bring your lunch to work: Again it’s about habits you have everyday, going to the restaurant at every lunch time is extremely expensive. Let’s say you go to Subway and take only a 6 inches sandwich, it will cost you about 6$ (35$ a week, 140$ a month). Then, if you make your own lunches you will pay for the groceries of course. If you buy a pack of 6 sandwiches (4$), meat (5$), salad (2$) and tomatoes (2$) you have 6 sandwiches for 13$, so it costs you 43$ for the month.
    Money saved: 97$

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