The best free apps to prepare your trip!


Since I had my first Ipod touch and then my first Iphone,  I really enjoyed using them as my primary tools to prepare for my travels. I tried a lot of different apps to get ready to leave and to find the best spots at my destination. I made this list for you of my favorite free apps that will make your life easier before you leave.

1- Gogobot

Gogobot is a platform where you create your own profile choosing your preferences as a traveler. For example, I chose: budget, backpackers, outdoors enthusiast, history and local. That way when you search for informations and activities in a particular city Gogobot will match you with the activities corresponding to your preferences.

All the informations that the app contains is coming directly from the users who visited  a destination. For example, I went to the Chicago’s aquarium, so I could add my own photo of the place, put my own comment and rate it.  When you search for a particular activity or place you will see all the comments, photos and rating of everyone who went.

There is also the possibility to create a wish list for your next trip in which you can add the activities, hotels and restaurants you would like to visit. Gogobot is now affiliated with, so you can book an hotel directly on the app.

One of my favorite feature on this app is your profile on which you have your own world’s map and you can see every places you visited (the places you commented on). It’s pretty cool.

  • Pros: Easy to use, nice look, a lot of contents, you can meet people, gives you an overall idea of the things to do for a given destination.
  • Cons: Some less popular destinations have less content or sometimes none, point system that encourages some people to do a lot of ratings and comments with no value to get more points.

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Travelling tips for low budgets

Yosemite, California, May 2014.
Yosemite, California, May 2014.
Travelling the world is now at everyone’s reach. I took the plane with my family for the first time at six years old and I took it alone for the fisrt time at sixteen years old. I always loved discovering big cities, eating crazy new food and meeting all kinds of people.

Of course when you are on a budget you can’t just leave everything and take the first plane available. However, with preparation and a little bit of savings you can leave for a month and have a blast!

These are the steps I take when I’m set on leaving to travel!

Save money from every paycheck to a saving account. Every paycheck I receive I take 100$ from it and I put it in a saving account which I don’t touch. This account has a goal and when I spend the money in it it has to be directly for this goal (to travel).

Shop for the plane tickets early so you can get deals. I am very strong on expedia, but there is also kayak and trivago who are good websites to compare plane tickets’ prices. Be careful, when you use the same computer days after days to look for a particulate destination the website will record it and it might give you higher prices. So, always verify with another computer or cellphone as well.

Try to do camping when on your trip it’s so much cheaper. Of course it depends what kind of trip you are doing, but when the temperature allows it and when you can equip yourself you really should consider camping. In america it will cost around 30 to 40 $ for one night and one space and the number of person doesn’t matter as long as the size of the site allows it.

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Traveling even if you are broke

Alberta, Canada, 2015.
Alberta, Canada, 2015.

Traveling is definitely one of the things that drives me the most to save money. Discovering new countries, immersing myself in new habits and meeting people from everywhere is priceless to me. I have been lucky enough to have parents that share this interest with me. They have been supporting me for my first travels. However, after I finished university I still wanted to enjoy my summer some place new even if I had only 200$ in my bank account. I decided to fill my backpack and leave anyway!

Here is what I did and what you can do too to travel even if you are broke.

Working while traveling: 

Choose a destination where you can work and where it’s easy to get a job. In Canada, particularly in Alberta and BC, you can easily get hired in the tourism industry during the summer (mainly hotels). If you are Canadian you don’t need to get a visa to work in your own country. I went to Banff (AB) in May and I found a job after three days of handing out resumes. The best thing with working and travelling is that you are making money, meeting coworkers and getting to know the area where you work. The amazing thing with the town of Banff or Jasper (AB), is that most of the employers offer a place to live as well. It’s basically a staff accomodation where all the employees who come from abroad can live, you have your own room or you share it with another person and all the others rooms are shared spaces. You don’t need to leave home with a lot of money and you learn to live like a local which is the best way to travel when you are young in my opinion. I had 80$ when I arrived in Banff. After two months and a half I had earn 2500$, met an amazing load of people and travel around the district, so I could continue to travel with the 2500$ I made and return at home once I had spend it all… or not… Continue reading