Chili and slow cooker!

My chili recipe with basmati rice and cheese.

I share with you my chili recipe, entirely made with cheap and tasty ingredients. Chili is a good choice for a nice meal that isn’t expensive to make. I do mine in a slow cooker I think it tastes better, but you could also do it on the oven in a pan.


  • 1 box of diced tomatoes (796ml)
  • 1 box of tomato paste (156 ml)
  • 2 cups of tomato juice or vegetable juice
  • 2 boxes of red beans (you can mix with one of black beans too)
  • 2 cups of chopped carrots
  • 1/2 big spanish onion
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 2 tb of italian spices
  • 2 tb of chili spices
  • sriracha sauce to the taste

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Dumpster diving : clean, safe and economic.

Veggie couscous salad

Dumpster diving is super in right now because it has been demystify. A couple of years ago, anyone who saw someone dive into a garbage automatically assumed that it was an homeless person looking for a few pieces of food. I started doing dumpster diving one year ago after some of my friends found crazy amounts of fresh food totally untouched in the groceries’ stores garbages.

How to properly do dumpster diving!

  • Facebook groups: There is actually a lot of facebook groups dedicated to dumpster diving in a bunch of cities. There is one in mine and people who works in the groceries stores write on these groups when they just threw food in the garbage and what they threw. That way people who are interested can go right away and get the food.
  • Plastic frenzy: A lot of the food that is thrown away is actually totally covered by plastic and/or a box. You already know how companies wrap their products with many layers of plastic. So, it’s absolutely clean and hygienic to pick it up and cook it yourself.
  • Manage the expiration date: A lot of the apprehension behind dumpster diving is the following question: If the grocerie store thinks this product is no longer good for the customers why could I still eat it? Well, for many reasons. First, because these companies have very high standards of quality to respect, but it doesn’t mean that the food is dangerous to consume. Normally, you can still eat the product 3 days after the expiration date. Of course, I wouldn’t eat meat from a dumpster or a product that looks funny or smells weird. Use your judgment.
  • Choose the time you go to the groceries stores: Because it’s still not orthodox to go through the dumpsters you should choose your timing carefully. I personnally prefer to go after the closing time. But, if I receive a message on a facebook group I go right away since the food will be fresher and you are sure that you don’t have to search through the entire garbage, it will be just at the top.

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Tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Homemade thin crust pizza.
Homemade thin crust pizza.
Tortillas are cheap, tasty and you can make it whatever you want! When I moved out of my parents’ house I used to always get tortillas in my groceries. It’s about 1$ when it’s on sale to 3$ at regular price for a pack of 8 tortillas. I used to always prepare them with a slice of ham, cheese and lettuce like a sandwich, it was good, but not yet delicious. During the years I tried new things and new ways to dress the tortillas. I did homemade pizzas, morning burritos, chocolate and banana sandwich, mexican pitas, tofu and apple pita sandwich, etc.

Today, I present you with two of these recipes that could be all you eat on one entire day without being bored! The morning burrito for breakfast and the homemade thin crust pizza for lunch and/or dinner!

The morning burrito

This recipe is McDonald’s inspired, but is so much better for your healt and to taste also.

Ingredients (for one person):

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tortillas
  • 1/2 cup of grated cheese
  • Hummus
  • Fresh parsley
  • One slice of onions


  1. Scramble the eggs in a pan (using a little bit of olive oil if necessary).
  2. At the same time, heat the two tortillas in the oven so they become just a tiny bit crispy.
  3. Take the tortillas and spread hummus (the kind you like, roasted pepper for me) all over them. Add the scrambled eggs, the grated cheese, the onions and the fresh parsley.
  4. Roll the tortillas and eat it!

**Tips: You can change the hummus for mayonnaise if it’s all you have. You can also add more vegetables if you want. 

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Shrimps and sun-dried tomatoes macaroni!

Shrimps and sun-dried tomatoes macaronis!

I love this mix of flavors, the colors and the taste! This is a cheap and fast recipe I make when the shrimps are on sale! The key ingredient is the sun-dried tomatoes and a lot of olive oil !


  • 150g of shrimps
  • 6 chunks of sun-dried tomatoes
  • 1 1/2 zucchini
  • 1/4 of an onion
  • 2 cups of macaronis
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic powder
  • Sriracha
  • Basil
  • Pepper and salt

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Do it yourself beauty tips!

Face and hair mask, do it yourself!

Making our own recipes instead of buying products that are chemicals and could be made without respecting human rights is a win-win. Here a three recipes I make often and that proved to be effective.

Hair mask 

My homemade recipe to hydrate hair. This is way cheaper than if you buy a hair mask at the beauty salon and it works the same way.


  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tbsp of olive oil

Mix everything together in the blender. Apply it to your hair. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water.

If you don’t have any avocado you can let it go, the eggs and the olive oil will hydrate anyway. The role of the avocado is to hydrate your hair and it totally enhances the smell of the hair mask.

Add : You can add coconut oil in your hair mask (amazing for hair growth), but if you are to do that you might as well do the whole coconut oil mask and keep it in your hair for 8 hours (while sleeping) and washing it off the next morning. That way you really are benefiting from this ingredient.

Price $$: The price of this mask is approximately 1.25$. (0.75$ for the avocado, 0.25$ for 2 eggs and 0.25$ for the olive oil)

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Keeping the party going even if you are broke!

Keeping the party going!

No matter how old you are or what is your job if you like to go out with friends and have some drinks it’s not less money that will stop you from doing it. So, I think that it’s absolutely possible to keep on partying without ruining yourself. Here are my ideas! (Of course the intention here is not to promote heavy drinking, it’s only to give tips to people who would drink anyway).

  1. Make your own wine: A lot of companies now offer to prepare housewine and bottled it for you. In the long run it’s way cheaper to make your own wine like that than to buy one or two bottles at the grocerie store every week. All you have to do is to bring your own empty bottles (I asked a restaurant and they gave me 15 empty bottles) and to find a package deal online, it could be with tuango or directly with a wine company it doesn’t mean that it will be more expensive.
    Me and my two roommates found a deal at 150$ for 25 bottles of 750 ml. We split The bill in three. If you do the math its only 6$ a bottle. Furthermore, you can choose the grape and the flavor of your choice.
  2. The albertarian way: This is the cheapest way and the less classy but it deserves one try and after you know if you can handle it or not. You basically just need a 95% alcohol of your choice (in Alberta they sold it in any good liquor store for about 15$ a bottle of 13 oz), an empty bottle of 2L of soft drink and juice or soda or both at your taste. You put the amount of two shooters of The alcohol (2 1/2 oz) in the empty 2L bottle. You fill The rest of the bottle with juice or soda, mix it and drink it!
  3. Krakenize your night : This is probably one of the most tasty and strong rum in Canada that is affordable. It costs about 40$ for a 26 oz and the good thing is the percentage of alcohol: 47%. Even if it’s pretty strong the taste is delectable and you can mix it with the classic coca cola, a bit of lemon juice and a lot of ice. Amazing in summer time. By the way their website is pretty cool.

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Pimp your kraft dinner

My Kraft dinner recipe!
My Kraft dinner recipe!

The meal of the poors, the meal of the teenagers, the meal of the busy people… The Kraft dinner is the meal for so many situations I can’t keep count. For me it’s a must. First of all, Kraft dinner is cheap, when you buy a pack on sale it’s 0.99 $ and if you get it regular price it’s not more than 2.20 $. Furthermore, Kraft dinner is fast and delightful. If you don’t like the original taste of it or if you want to make it a full meal with nutritous ingredients here is my recipe! Continue reading