Lipstick frenzy!

I am currently obsessed with lipsticks that are everything but nude or red. I think heavy color on the lips makes you look sophisticated without the need to wear a lot of makeup on the eyes. So my go to makeup look these days is simple : a bold lipstick, a bit of blush and mascara.

Top: Left photo lime crime lipstick in charmed (5$). Top: Right photo maybelline in coral crush #515 (8$). Bottom: Left photo lime crime liquid lipstick in squash (5$). Bottom: Right photo colourpop liquid lipstick in matte trap (6$).

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Why I am broke

Since I was a little girl I always pictured myself finishing university and then get a real job. In my imagination that real job would pay at least 50 000$ a year, I would be able to have two days off every week and have a month of vacation in the summer.

Unfortunately for me, I have now a bachelor degree, but no job who fits with my previous expectations. So, I had to learn how to live and have fun with not a lot of money since I don’t want to end up like some other young people of my age, crawling under a tone of debts.

My bachelor degree became a little bit useless, but my years in university, them, were actually priceless. They taught me on how to party, to stay fashionable, to pay my bills and to travel with a very small amount of money.

This is basically what I learned from university that is the most interesting and that is worth sharing I believe. So there you go, you can use my tricks, laugh about them and share your own. Just remember, I am as broke as you are and probably more.