Lipstick frenzy!

I am currently obsessed with lipsticks that are everything but nude or red. I think heavy color on the lips makes you look sophisticated without the need to wear a lot of makeup on the eyes. So my go to makeup look these days is simple : a bold lipstick, a bit of blush and mascara.

Top: Left photo lime crime lipstick in charmed (5$). Top: Right photo maybelline in coral crush #515 (8$). Bottom: Left photo lime crime liquid lipstick in squash (5$). Bottom: Right photo colourpop liquid lipstick in matte trap (6$).

Of course since I don’t want to spend to much on just a lipstick, but I still want it to be nice and comfortable I found a few tricks for you.

  • Colourpop is always very cheap and the quality is normally pretty impressive. BUT some colors can be chunky or don’t look the same on your lips as on the swatches on their website. So I suggest to you to use this website where this girl swatches all the colors for you and rank them.
  • Lime crime is a indie brand that are still small, but getting bigger. The liquid lipsticks are very high quality and they normally retail for 20$ which is expensive. But they always have their old colors on sale as long as they are not sold out.
  • Maybelline is the only brand from the drugstore, it’s always nice to give you an option that you don’t have to necesserally order online. They released a new collection that is called The Loaded Bolds and that is way more young and out there that what they normally have.

Here are some other nice brands that offer crazy nice colors for a nice quality and that have some of their items on sale:

Coloured raine

Aboni cosmetics

Milani cosmetics 

Wet n Wild


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