The best free apps to prepare your trip!


Since I had my first Ipod touch and then my first Iphone,  I really enjoyed using them as my primary tools to prepare for my travels. I tried a lot of different apps to get ready to leave and to find the best spots at my destination. I made this list for you of my favorite free apps that will make your life easier before you leave.

1- Gogobot

Gogobot is a platform where you create your own profile choosing your preferences as a traveler. For example, I chose: budget, backpackers, outdoors enthusiast, history and local. That way when you search for informations and activities in a particular city Gogobot will match you with the activities corresponding to your preferences.

All the informations that the app contains is coming directly from the users who visited  a destination. For example, I went to the Chicago’s aquarium, so I could add my own photo of the place, put my own comment and rate it.  When you search for a particular activity or place you will see all the comments, photos and rating of everyone who went.

There is also the possibility to create a wish list for your next trip in which you can add the activities, hotels and restaurants you would like to visit. Gogobot is now affiliated with, so you can book an hotel directly on the app.

One of my favorite feature on this app is your profile on which you have your own world’s map and you can see every places you visited (the places you commented on). It’s pretty cool.

  • Pros: Easy to use, nice look, a lot of contents, you can meet people, gives you an overall idea of the things to do for a given destination.
  • Cons: Some less popular destinations have less content or sometimes none, point system that encourages some people to do a lot of ratings and comments with no value to get more points.

2- XE Currency

XE Currency is an easy and unavoidable app before you leave and even at least a few weeks before. It’s basically an app on which you can see the value of your money in real time compare with other currencies. If you want to exchange your money at the very best rate possible you should download this app and check it regularly.

  • Pros: Very easy to use, updated every hours or so.
  • Cons: You have to pay for some features.

3- Expedia and google flight

Expedia is my favorite app and website to shop for plane tickets. It’s so simple to use, all the destinations are available and you can choose many options like one way flight, many destinations with the same ticket, hotels, cars, etc.

My favorite combo is to choose the cheapest dates with google flight and then to buy the tickets on expedia.

Google flight is amazingly made! You have a calendar with the prices for the destination you chose and you see everyday what is the price of the tickets. That way, you can see which days are the cheapest. That way, you pick the dates  with google flight and you go back on Expedia using these dates to buy the tickets.

  • Pros: Easy to use, safe to pay on Expedia, calendar style on google flight which make it easy to see the prices and the dates.
  • Cons: Expedia knows when you look too often for one destination and will raise the prices, on google flight you can’t buy your ticket directly they will send you to another website.

If you use other interesting apps to prepare for your travels let me know!


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