Makeup: When it’s worth paying more or not!

Coral lipstick by Kate Von D and lilac lipstick by

I used to buy makeup to the drugstore or Sephora without really shop and look elsewhere if I could get better deals for the same quality. I started looking online and asking my friends where they would buy makeup. Also, with time, I learned which products are worth paying more for and which aren’t. Here are my tips for each beauty products!


Personnally, I think mascara is not worth paying a lot for. I already bought a 25$ mascara at Sephora and it wasn’t better than my 10$ Revlon one. In fact, when I’m broke I buy the great lash mascara by Maybelline for 6.99$ and it works perfectly fine (I even already red an article by a famous beauty artist saying that it was is favorite mascara) !


For the lipsticks, I wouldn’t buy very cheap brand that I don’t know of just because you put this product on your lips all day and sometimes all night. I like to use the color sensational ones from Maybelline, they are approximately 12$ in Canada. They stay all day even if you drink and eat (of course you have to do some touching up during the day thought). What I like also about them is the crazy choice of colors and the fact that the brand always keeps their classics while renewing their selection.

I also discovered a website that sales lipsticks for as low as 5 and 6$. It’s called, they also give you a 5$ discount for your first order. I did tried their products and I absolutely recommend it. A friend of mine got a very big order from them and gave me one of her’s ultra matte lipstick in Lychee color (lilac). I tried it one day at work and all my colleagues kept asking me if it was MAC. And hell no it wasn’t MAC! The trick is to get with a group of friends and pick a few items each that way you can split the shipping fees.

I really am a lipstick girl that’s why I have another tip for you about the subject. I already received a Kate Von D makeup kit as a gift and honestly it’s a great present. These kits include various small lipsticks of many different colors. It’s perfect because you don’t have the time to get bored with the color since it’s just the right size once your done with it you wouldn’t wear it anymore anyway or the color wouldn’t be fashion anymore. These kits still exists and it’s a deal for all the products you get: 30$US for 3 lipsticks and 3 nail polish. Plus, it’s very good quality they stay all day and the colors are really nice.


For the foundation I’m no expert since I don’t really wear it anymore. The only one I have is Maybelline as well, it’s around 10$ it’s the dream smooth mousse. I like it because it’s creamy and it looks natural. Of course, if you want your skin to look good always hydrate yourself before putting any foundation. My real and honest tip for you with foundation is: do not use it it doesn’t look natural unless you are a pro makeup artist.


I always like a little blush, light pink for winter and light tanned for summer. I used to buy them at Target for something like 7.99$, but since Target is now closed in Canada I buy the brand on sale at the drugstore I really don’t see much of a difference from a very expensive one or a cheap one.


Eye shadow isn’t a product I wear daily, sometimes it’s nice to try a more heavy makeup when you go out for example. I already bought a NYC palette on sale for 3.99$ there was 5 colors and this palette stayed with me for 4 years until last month. I decided to get rid of my old makeup since I don’t think it’s too good for your skin to still wear 5 years old eye shadow. Anyhow, this palette was very nice quality for the price and I wouldn’t spend more money than that on eye shadow since I am not a really big fan. 

I prefer eyeliner (cat-eye style) preferably liquid and very black. I always buy the same brand (Personnel from Jean Coutu drugstore), it’s about 10$ and it lasts for months. I probably buy it two or three times a year and I always have one. I don’t think you should spend more than that for eyeliner except if you use the pencil ones. For that kind, I like to pay a little more so it doesn’t leak. Anyhow, if you don’t know how to apply it nicely you shouldn’t pay too much because it won’t hold anyway and you might just look cheap. One of the employee at Sephora already gave me tips on how to apply pencil eyeliner like what brush you should use and in what direction you should blur… Without those tips it’s easier to stay with the liquid one which is way easier to use! 



One thought on “Makeup: When it’s worth paying more or not!

  1. LaurensLipGlossary 9 March 2016 / 23 h 32 min

    I totally agree that mascara is not something that needs to be purchased at sephora! So many drugstore mascaras are amazing:)

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