Hot underwears for a few dollars!

Left part of the photo: Winners, 2.99$ and 3.99$ for each pantie. Right part of the photo: La Vie en rose, 3.60$ for each pantie. 

Buying underwears is a must even if you are broke. What if you can get cute and comfortable underwears for a few dollars only. Of course you can.

  • Winners

    At Winners you can find pretty much everything you need for a ridiculous price compare to other stores (most of the time). In my opinion, the best deals at Winners are with the underwears and the purses/bags.I regularly buy bras and panties/tongs at Winners for their price and their look. I paid a Warner’s bra 12$ and panties 3.99$ each. Deal!For their bras since I am a 32B there is not a lot of choice, but when there is something comfortable and pretty I get it and I never paid over 15$ for it.

  • La Vie en rose
    At La Vie en rose their best deals are in January when they are receiving their new collection the old one is put at a very cheap price. For the panties I paid 5 for 18$ which put them at 3.60$ each. Nice!Some of their bras will be on sale as well, it can go to 15$ at the least, it depends what sizes are left of course. But it’s a good quality product (it’s not Chantelle, but still fine).
  • Walmart/Target
    I already bought underwears (mostly panties) at those two big stores. They sometimes have cute lace tongs or boyshorts for approximately 3$ each. For the bras if you are a 36C or under I think you can find suitable bras that could be worn out after 6 months or so.

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