Hot underwears for a few dollars!

Left part of the photo: Winners, 2.99$ and 3.99$ for each pantie. Right part of the photo: La Vie en rose, 3.60$ for each pantie. 

Buying underwears is a must even if you are broke. What if you can get cute and comfortable underwears for a few dollars only. Of course you can.

  • Winners

    At Winners you can find pretty much everything you need for a ridiculous price compare to other stores (most of the time). In my opinion, the best deals at Winners are with the underwears and the purses/bags.I regularly buy bras and panties/tongs at Winners for their price and their look. I paid a Warner’s bra 12$ and panties 3.99$ each. Deal!For their bras since I am a 32B there is not a lot of choice, but when there is something comfortable and pretty I get it and I never paid over 15$ for it.

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Looking fancy with low-priced jewellery

I have already made an article about accessorizing to bettered an outfit, but this article will be exclusively about jewellery because it’s my favorite accessory (especially necklaces and earings). I shop everywhere for good jewels and during the years I found my best spots.

I already made an article about value’s village so I won’t come back on the subject, but it’s still a very good place to find nice second-hand jewellery.

Best low-priced jewellery spots

Bracelet from Cambodia and rings from Colombia.
Bracelet from Cambodia and rings from Colombia.
  • Travelling memories
    It’s always nice to bring back objects from the travels we do and it gives an edge to the outfits we wear  by adding a piece that no one else has.

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Balancing your budget

Budget table
It’s always useful to have an idea of what are your spendings if you want to reduce them. I made myself a table where I write all my main spendings and that way I see where I should cut and how much money I can actually save.

The one I put as an example is for 2016 that’s why it’s not entirely filled because I fill it out as the time goes and as I spent.

Reducing your expenses

By filling out this table you can see where are your biggest spending and try to decreased them. Here are my tips for every expense.

  • Rent: I used to live alone in a small 1 1/2 appartment and pay a crazy price. Now, I chose to live with roomates and it’s way cheaper. Also, the appartment is much bigger and nicer.
    You can also rent by months on Airbnb, my friends did that in Vancouver and it was the cheapest option, but you have to move every month or so.
    If you are in University you can choose the residences of your school it’s normally cheaper and they include wifi, cable, etc.
  • Transport: When I was living in a rural area with my parents I had a car and luckily I had no other spending because having a car when you don’t have a good paying job is very expensive. It basically sinks all your savings.
    Now that I live in a big city I gladly pay for my bus/metro pass monthly for 80$.
    In occasions, I use Uber instead of regular taxis because it’s way cheaper (be careful on holidays they raise the prices).

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