Travelling tips for low budgets

Yosemite, California, May 2014.
Yosemite, California, May 2014.
Travelling the world is now at everyone’s reach. I took the plane with my family for the first time at six years old and I took it alone for the fisrt time at sixteen years old. I always loved discovering big cities, eating crazy new food and meeting all kinds of people.

Of course when you are on a budget you can’t just leave everything and take the first plane available. However, with preparation and a little bit of savings you can leave for a month and have a blast!

These are the steps I take when I’m set on leaving to travel!

Save money from every paycheck to a saving account. Every paycheck I receive I take 100$ from it and I put it in a saving account which I don’t touch. This account has a goal and when I spend the money in it it has to be directly for this goal (to travel).

Shop for the plane tickets early so you can get deals. I am very strong on expedia, but there is also kayak and trivago who are good websites to compare plane tickets’ prices. Be careful, when you use the same computer days after days to look for a particulate destination the website will record it and it might give you higher prices. So, always verify with another computer or cellphone as well.

Try to do camping when on your trip it’s so much cheaper. Of course it depends what kind of trip you are doing, but when the temperature allows it and when you can equip yourself you really should consider camping. In america it will cost around 30 to 40 $ for one night and one space and the number of person doesn’t matter as long as the size of the site allows it.

Sleep at hostels and avoid hotels. Hostels are a must in travels because they are made for low budget travelers (free breakfast, free wifi, washing machine available…) The price for one night in a hostel is around 25$ in the low season and 45$ in the busy season. Also, you meet people from all around the world and it’s a good way to make new friends especially if you are travelling alone. I personnaly had a great experience in the samesun’s hostels.

Use Airbnb instead of hotels and motels. This is one of the most amazing app of the last 5 years in my opinion. I used it a bunch of times in my trips and I intend on doing it again. For those who never used it it’s an app that allows you to post your appartment or your house for renting for a long or short period of time. Of course the prices are way cheaper than hotels and motels. In another light, you can fall on nasty places or with a weird host. Personnally, I once fell on a room full of bed bugs in West Hollywood, but it’s a situation that could have happened in a normal 3 stars hotel and I had other very good experiences.

Good luck to you all. I just finished paying for my last trip and I started saving for the next I wanna do in Asia next summer! 



2 thoughts on “Travelling tips for low budgets

  1. Jessica Lim 17 December 2015 / 1 h 37 min

    Using Airbnb for the first time… I hope there are no bugs!


    • fancybutbroke 17 December 2015 / 1 h 41 min

      Lol, us there was but only one time and when we looked on the guy’s profile there was one or two comments about bed bugs, so in a way we haven’t been very careful.


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