Purchasing Christmas gifts without loading your credit card

Black friday/cyber monday deals, see below for details.
Black friday/cyber monday deals, see below for details.
The holiday season is probably the most expensive time of the year. There is no reason to get crazy and load your credit card for Christmas, but at the same time it’s always nice to get the people we love a little something.

The way I do it is I choose to whom I will buy gifts and the amount of money I will spend. Personnally, I only buy gifts to my boyfriend, my parents and my sister (I am really broke remember?). For my family members I spend 30$ for each and for my boyfriend around 80$.

Here are some tips to reduce your spendings

  • Use your employee’s discount (or the one of a friend): People who are working in retail normally have an employee’s discount and it can be very profitable. Why not use your’s or the one of a friend if it fits with the gifts you wanted to get.
  • Buy during the black friday week to get the deals and pay less: Black friday, cyber monday… during thanksgiving the sales are at their peak. I like to buy online during this time because I dislike the vibe of madness in the stores.
  • Select to whom you are giving gifts: You don’t need to get every each of your friends a present and you don’t have to participate in every gifts exchanges. You can easily and politely explain to those who could feel harmed.
  • Do gifts exchanges instead of getting something to everyone: With your group of friends, coworkers or family members you can choose to do one gift exchange instead of getting something for everyone. It’s cheaper for everyone and it can be fun as well (you can make a themed exchange).
  • Team up: If you and another person both will give a gift to the same person why not team up together to get something more interesting and cheaper for you both? You can also do the other way around, buying one gift for two people. That way you can buy something more high-standard that you know they will both use.

The picture above: Deals I got during black friday/cyber monday, the black leggings from winners (25$), the dress from H&M (15$), the striped shirt from winners (16$) and the striped skirt from winners (20$). 


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