Cutting on your food’s expenses


There are many things we are buying and consuming that we don’t actually need. I remember buying a 40$ bracelet that broke the third time I wore it and even if it didn’t break it was too big for my wrist anyway. What a waste of money! Back then I was living at my parents’ house so I didn’t really care about my excessive spending.

Now, I am on my own and I have to follow a strict budget to get by. So, I need to be much more disciplined. I learned to cut some unnecessary expenses and I changed some of my habits that were too pricey.

Consequently, I share with you my tricks and ideas if you want to do the same and end up with more money at the end of the month!

This article is about cutting on your food’s expenses because it is possible to do so without starving yourself.

  • No more «every morning» coffee/tea: A lot of people love to start their day by going to Starbucks or McDonald’s to get their hot beverage. It’s a strong habit that costs you about 2.50$ every day, wich would be 12.50$ a week and 50$ monthly. What I do is pretty easy and a lot of people have already understood. Buy yourself a reusable mug (10$) and make your own coffee at home. If you are cheap like me you can buy instant coffee for 4.99$ on sale and you are good for a month!
    Money saved: 45$
  • Bring your lunch to work: Again it’s about habits you have everyday, going to the restaurant at every lunch time is extremely expensive. Let’s say you go to Subway and take only a 6 inches sandwich, it will cost you about 6$ (35$ a week, 140$ a month). Then, if you make your own lunches you will pay for the groceries of course. If you buy a pack of 6 sandwiches (4$), meat (5$), salad (2$) and tomatoes (2$) you have 6 sandwiches for 13$, so it costs you 43$ for the month.
    Money saved: 97$

  • Choose your restaurants smartly: It’s always nice to go out for diner with friends or with your lover but it’s also expensive. Most of the time the most expensive part of the receipt is the alcohol. So, I always go to BYOW restaurants (bring your own wine or bring your own bottle depending on where you are from). You buy wine or beer yourself and you save a crazy amount of cash. You can have a good bottle at 12$ in a liquor store and for the same bottle in a restaurant it may be about 40$!
    Another trick is to check the restaurant’s specials. A lot of places now have promotions on different days for different meals. For instance, the tuesdays’ ladies’ night you get the ribs 50% of or every friday night the pastas are at 10$ the plate, etc.
    Money saved: 28$
  • Be clever when you do your groceries: The clever way to do groceries is to not buy everything at the same place. Normally, the meat is gonna be cheap in a big food store while the vegetables and the fruits are cheaper in small markets. You can of course read the newspaper to see where are the sales for the week. As an example, last week I went to a small food market next to my appartment and I bought 4 red peppers, one onion, 4 jalapenos peppers, 5 bananas and 3 big zucchinis for 10,50$. All of these were way fresher that what at would have get at the food mart I get all the other stuff and much more cheaper, I would have pay about 17$ for the same amount.
    Money saved: 7$

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