Traveling even if you are broke

Alberta, Canada, 2015.
Alberta, Canada, 2015.

Traveling is definitely one of the things that drives me the most to save money. Discovering new countries, immersing myself in new habits and meeting people from everywhere is priceless to me. I have been lucky enough to have parents that share this interest with me. They have been supporting me for my first travels. However, after I finished university I still wanted to enjoy my summer some place new even if I had only 200$ in my bank account. I decided to fill my backpack and leave anyway!

Here is what I did and what you can do too to travel even if you are broke.

Working while traveling: 

Choose a destination where you can work and where it’s easy to get a job. In Canada, particularly in Alberta and BC, you can easily get hired in the tourism industry during the summer (mainly hotels). If you are Canadian you don’t need to get a visa to work in your own country. I went to Banff (AB) in May and I found a job after three days of handing out resumes. The best thing with working and travelling is that you are making money, meeting coworkers and getting to know the area where you work. The amazing thing with the town of Banff or Jasper (AB), is that most of the employers offer a place to live as well. It’s basically a staff accomodation where all the employees who come from abroad can live, you have your own room or you share it with another person and all the others rooms are shared spaces. You don’t need to leave home with a lot of money and you learn to live like a local which is the best way to travel when you are young in my opinion. I had 80$ when I arrived in Banff. After two months and a half I had earn 2500$, met an amazing load of people and travel around the district, so I could continue to travel with the 2500$ I made and return at home once I had spend it all… or not…

Getting a visa and working in another country: 

This option is also amazing and possible. If you are canadian you can easily get a working visa in different countries (Australia is pretty easy). Of course not every country in the world is easy to get into, USA is very complicated and open for specific work only. Normally, you have to be in your twenties and you have to have at least 2000 to 4000$ in your bank account (they want to make sure that you don’t end up unable to leave the country). Many of my friends got that visa and went to Australia. Some of them had a hard time finding employment, but my friend that went straight to Sydney got a lot of offers in restaurants and bars. I myself have not tried to get this visa yet, but I intend to do it before I turn twenty-seven!

Here is the website for the canadians who want a visa.

Here is the website for Australian’s visas.

The nanny experience:

There is also the option to be an aupair in another country. There is a lot of websites and organisations who offers to families to try to find a nanny (girl or boy, come on we are in 2015!) from another country. The websites pretty much all work the same way: families and futur-nannies fill up a profile page, put their interests, languages habilities and experience on it. Then, families and futur-nannies whose profil match can start getting to know eachother and maybe end up closing the deal together.

I personnally filled up a profile page on an aupair website with the intention to go to USA for a summer. This is the website I used. I have to confess that I changed my plans quickly and decided to do a roadtrip in California, so I can’t really give feedback on that website even though I noted that the website is very popular and easy to use.


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