Value village rocks!

My pieces from value villgae.
My pieces from value village.

(Photo: Wool cream scarf, fishnet black long sleeves shirt, long fishnet black cardigan, ivory earings and dark coral earings.) 

Honestly, value village saved me many times. When you have a shopping rage and you know if you just go to a ordinary mall it will cost you hundreds of dollars for a few pieces just head to value’s village. The beauty with that community store is that you can find it anywhere, it’s huge and it’s super cheap. If you don’t mind going through every item there is to find a few perfect pieces just go! When I shop at value village I normally go out of the store with 4 pieces for 30$. I found there many clothes and accessories that are now my favorites (see the pictures for proof). The best surprise at value village is probably the dresses section. Of course it depends the location and the time of the year when you go shopping, but honestly I saw a bunch of times beautiful dresses from very good brands and in perfect state. Don’t be shy to check out the earings too, like you can see in the picture I found amazing jewelleries.

Since Halloween is coming value’s village always has a big section for it, but the cheapest option is to get a ridiculous outfit from their regular section, because let’s be honest not everything is nice-looking at value village.

Of course in every big city there is a ton of nice frips where you can shop. However, value’s village is alway very cheap, there is always a lot of choices and you can find items for your apartment as well not only clothing (I bought new dishes and a set of knives for 10$!!).

By the way their new website is very up-to-date, they use pinterest, they have tips from Macklemore, etc. Go have a look.

Tip**: When you give a bag of your own stuff to a value village they give you a discount card with a percentage according to the amount of things that you gave and you can use it in their stores.


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