The key is to accessorize!

If you are craving for new clothes, but you don’t have the money for it here is my suggestion: don’t spend money stupidly and just buy yourself a few accessories.

You can create a whole lot of new outfits just by changing the way you wear your clothes and by adding a different accessory. If you go buy let’s say 3 new outfits you will spend at least 80$, but if you go buy yourself 4 accessories it will cost you 20$ and you will feel like you renewed your wardrobe.

Here are my examples of what you can do!

Silky scarf and bracelet.
Silky scarf and bracelet.

A scarf transforms the most casual outfits into a fancy one. A brown scarf with white clothes pops out pretty nicely. Big bracelets look expensive, but they aren’t necessarily. You can add them with almost every outfits.

Price to accessorize this outfit $$$: 20$ Continue reading

Pimp your kraft dinner

My Kraft dinner recipe!
My Kraft dinner recipe!

The meal of the poors, the meal of the teenagers, the meal of the busy people… The Kraft dinner is the meal for so many situations I can’t keep count. For me it’s a must. First of all, Kraft dinner is cheap, when you buy a pack on sale it’s 0.99 $ and if you get it regular price it’s not more than 2.20 $. Furthermore, Kraft dinner is fast and delightful. If you don’t like the original taste of it or if you want to make it a full meal with nutritous ingredients here is my recipe! Continue reading

Traveling even if you are broke

Alberta, Canada, 2015.
Alberta, Canada, 2015.

Traveling is definitely one of the things that drives me the most to save money. Discovering new countries, immersing myself in new habits and meeting people from everywhere is priceless to me. I have been lucky enough to have parents that share this interest with me. They have been supporting me for my first travels. However, after I finished university I still wanted to enjoy my summer some place new even if I had only 200$ in my bank account. I decided to fill my backpack and leave anyway!

Here is what I did and what you can do too to travel even if you are broke.

Working while traveling: 

Choose a destination where you can work and where it’s easy to get a job. In Canada, particularly in Alberta and BC, you can easily get hired in the tourism industry during the summer (mainly hotels). If you are Canadian you don’t need to get a visa to work in your own country. I went to Banff (AB) in May and I found a job after three days of handing out resumes. The best thing with working and travelling is that you are making money, meeting coworkers and getting to know the area where you work. The amazing thing with the town of Banff or Jasper (AB), is that most of the employers offer a place to live as well. It’s basically a staff accomodation where all the employees who come from abroad can live, you have your own room or you share it with another person and all the others rooms are shared spaces. You don’t need to leave home with a lot of money and you learn to live like a local which is the best way to travel when you are young in my opinion. I had 80$ when I arrived in Banff. After two months and a half I had earn 2500$, met an amazing load of people and travel around the district, so I could continue to travel with the 2500$ I made and return at home once I had spend it all… or not… Continue reading

Value village rocks!

My pieces from value villgae.
My pieces from value village.

(Photo: Wool cream scarf, fishnet black long sleeves shirt, long fishnet black cardigan, ivory earings and dark coral earings.) 

Honestly, value village saved me many times. When you have a shopping rage and you know if you just go to a ordinary mall it will cost you hundreds of dollars for a few pieces just head to value’s village. The beauty with that community store is that you can find it anywhere, it’s huge and it’s super cheap. If you don’t mind going through every item there is to find a few perfect pieces just go! When I shop at value village I normally go out of the store with 4 pieces for 30$. I found there many clothes and accessories that are now my favorites (see the pictures for proof). The best surprise at value village is probably the dresses section. Of course it depends the location and the time of the year when you go shopping, but honestly I saw a bunch of times beautiful dresses from very good brands and in perfect state. Don’t be shy to check out the earings too, like you can see in the picture I found amazing jewelleries. Continue reading

Why I am broke

Since I was a little girl I always pictured myself finishing university and then get a real job. In my imagination that real job would pay at least 50 000$ a year, I would be able to have two days off every week and have a month of vacation in the summer.

Unfortunately for me, I have now a bachelor degree, but no job who fits with my previous expectations. So, I had to learn how to live and have fun with not a lot of money since I don’t want to end up like some other young people of my age, crawling under a tone of debts.

My bachelor degree became a little bit useless, but my years in university, them, were actually priceless. They taught me on how to party, to stay fashionable, to pay my bills and to travel with a very small amount of money.

This is basically what I learned from university that is the most interesting and that is worth sharing I believe. So there you go, you can use my tricks, laugh about them and share your own. Just remember, I am as broke as you are and probably more.